Look around you my friends: the Orcs who took this city. They are a part of our army. Not the Dusk Lord's army. Not the other Deity their armies. But our army! The dominion of those slave masters is at an end for today, the Orcs rise!

— Zog The Liberator

Zog the Eldest (also known as Zog The Liberator, Zog The Lich Lord, or Zog The Eternal) was one of the first Necromancers and lead the rebellion to free the orcs free from the Dusk Lord's rule.

Biography Edit

Early years Edit

Like most Orcs of his time, Zog was raised to worship the Dusk Lord. His peers deemed him a weakling for being too scrawny to fight in the army and unable to cast Fire magic. For this traits he was sentenced by the local general to the do the uneventful job of logistics management.

A year after the Disappearance of Al-Kanish Zog discovered that an new type of mana had taken hold inside of him when he accidentally raised the chopped off goat-head of his lunch into undeath. These newfound abilities made Zog determined to improve his craft, training on the animals and slaves that his fellow orcs had worked to death. He quickly got promoted to be the leader of the Dusk Lord's newly founded necromancer division.

Disillusion Edit

After years of succesful loyal service, Zog had build up an loyal fellowing of necromancers. He and his necromancer divison where tasked with raising and binding the great Behemoth Scaull for the Dusk Lord's army. Zog was initially successful in his task to raise the Behemoth but before he could bind it and finish the ritual, he was unceramonially slain by the High Elf Ranger Tiri.

Before the Event Horizon, this would have been the end for Zog, and the Dusk Lord had already swiftly to promote a new general to replace Zog after he sensed his death. But seven of his most devout acolytes called for their mentor, giving Zog enough time to channel his own Necrotic mana and raise himself back from the death as the first Lich.

As the spark of life came back to his eyes, he saw the great Scaull go back to his eternal slumber, with an exhausted Tiri riding its back. Zog, quick in his vengeance, shot the High Elf down with a blast of pure energy. After she fell into the tar pit, Zog raised her as his personal assassin and forced her corpse to swim back to the surface. Feeling betrayed and abandoned by his so called "God", he send Tiri to slay his former master and started the fight for the freedom of Orc-kind.

Revolution Edit

His first act of rebellion was to free the Half-Orcs that were imprisoned by the Dusk Lord's Pyromancers for their impure blood. Zog's loyal followers broke the Half-Orcs from their chains and, with the help of their Elemental magic, slaughtered their first division of Pyromancers and send an dangerous message to the rest of Orc-kind: "We will be free!". With new vigour the growing army marched from war-camp to war-camp, giving speeches to the stationed Orcs and recruiting them to their cause with promises of gold and glorious slaughter. Those who denied them were put down and raised into undeath, serving as meatshields and as a labour force for his army of loyalists.

To Zog's surprise, the new leader of the necromancer division surrendered without an fight when he was confronted. The necromancer, seeing the weakness of their former God, asked Zog for forgiveness for his slight, and if he was allowed to serve by his side. Zog, ever generous, stabbed the general in the guts and blessed him with undeath, raising him as a fellow lich.

When the rebel army marched onto the mountain fortress of the Dusk Lord in Hilal, the fallen god called for his sacred division of Archpyromancers to rain down storms fire and brimstone unto marching deserters. The Half-Orcs used their experience living with the other races to create giant water and stone bubbles that protect their legions. Every soldier that fell on either side was giving one more chance for glory by Zog's Necromancers and eventually they overwhelmed the fortress with cheer numbers. Walking into the Throne room, Zog dared to challenge the Dusk Lord's greatest champion into one on one combat with his own champion, Ishtarr the Sufferer. Ishtarr came out on top. But when Zog demanded the surrender of the Dusk Lord, he showed his true colours and shot a fireball at Zog. Ishtarr caught the fireball but was reduced to ashes, and Zog, enraged by this final betrayal, chopped the false god's head off in one fell swoop, freeing the Orc from his opression.