Year Event
 ??? BD Harmony and Chaos are born in the form of Tenno and Konsulh.
 ??? BD Floris is born, creating nature from his hair.

His sister Fiona takes an part of his creation and gives it the gift of movement, creating animals.

 ??? BD Konsulh created discourse by intervening with the world.

Reyim creates the Dragon-kin to contain Konsulh's discourse. Konsulh and Tenno agree to let the mortal realm develop itself.

 ??? BD First Kenku land on Astrohanasia inside of the Gretan Bushlands.
56,000,000 BD First appearance of Terror Birds and Modern Drakes.
11,000 BD First Human and Dragonborn civilisations develop in the Badlands.

Kenku Founded the Library of Frroep, collecting all of the world's knowledge.

5,500 BD Halflings start to domesticate Dire Wombats to pull their carts.
5,000 BD People start to use Tiberium as jewellery.
A lot of new cities got build around the veins of Tiberium.

Nomadic Gnolls started to trade meat and fur for the produce of Human farms around the Badlands.

664 BD First ships are being build.
339 BD A Philosophical movement known as Matto: That preaches for folks to create their own way, spreads under the sentient races and becomes the dominant way of thinking.
0 AD The biggest city in the world disapearce in a flash without leaving an trance.

The world's magics become more powerful and expansive. First recorded appearances of Non-Elemental magic.

357 AD Start of an decade of war, known as the Troigh Leud (Pronounce Truie Liad) razes between the Dwarfs and the Giants.

Dwarven prince committed the great offence and becomes the first Dwarven royalty to ever get captured by the enemy. Dwarves slaughter the Giant town of Lectal, bloodletting the children by their heels. Creating the term “A Giants heel”.

367 AD Giants ally themselves with dragons to break through the walls of the Dwarven Ancestral halls, promising them gold and ancient treasures.

Dwarfs have to give up on their ancestral hall of Aurum Invicta to the Giants. Emigrating to Tyria Rupes knowing that they will one day return and take revenge on the “Savage Bastards”.

1400 AD Professor Wrin Discovers that Tiberium can be used as an type of conductor for magic. Both storing it for future use and guiding it so it can be used to power machines.

Professor Wrin stole an book from the Library of Frroep containing ancient knowledge from the lost city about the capacities of Tiberium and it appliances. The Tenku conclude that the Library of Frroep has done more harm than good and make it disappear beneath the sandy waves of the Coarse Sea. They conclude that the best repayment for their lost is the extermination of Wrin's genetic code and of Cats.

1433 AD Cats have become nearly extinct and only the rich can afford them.
1450 AD First Symptoms of the Tiberium plague apear in Poor Dwarven miners.
1477 AD Group of squatters come together the found the MacMenzies Merchant Guild.
1498 AD Current date }