Humans in Astrohanasia are widespread, can be found in most regions and, in general, are fierce and disagreeable, which can sometimes lead certain other races to view them with contempt. They are renowned for their diversity and ambition, and although they lack specialization, they can excel in many areas.

Ingame-statistics Edit

It's hard to make generalizations about humans, but your human character has these traits.
Ability Score Increase. Two different ability scores of your choice increase by +1.
Skillfull. You gain proficiency in one skill of your choice.
Born Hero. You gain one feat of your choice.
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common and one extra language of your choice. Humans typically learn the languages of other peoples they deal with, including obscure dialects. They are fond of sprinkling their speech with words borrowed from other tongues: Orc curses, Elvish musical expressions, Dwarvish military phrases, and so on.