Elves are a group of magical humanoid races that share a common culture, language and ancestor. Elves divide themselves in casts based of their race with the High Elves on top and the Low Elves at the bottom.

Types of Elf Edit

There are three casts of Elf:

  • Eladrin - The ruling class, these elves spend most of their time studying magic and writhing about the world.
  • Eldar - The working class, these elves are the most common to find in Astrohanasia.
  • Drow - The lower class, these elves are forced to work in the mines by their fellow elves. Some Drow may escape and form rebel communities.
  • Half-elf - The bastard offspring of Elfs and humans, Half-Elfs usually fall under the same cast as their parents if they grow up in an Elven community.

Name Edit

Common Elven names Edit

These names are common across all layers of Elven society and Elven parents are likely to choose one of these names for their Half-elf child.

Male names: Abbe

Female names: Adeljada

Eladrin names Edit

These names are most common in the higher echelons of Elven society and as such are most often used by Eladrin. High ranking Eldar and Drow may also give these names to their children in the hope that this will give them more prestige.

Male names: Abioye

Female names: Amara

Eldar names Edit

These names are most common among the Eldar and are the ones non-Elves will most often hear. Some Human parents may also use these names as a creative name for their children

Male names: Nettle

Female names: Adler

Drow names Edit

These Names are most common among Drow and Elven officials will often dismiss paperwork signed with these names. It is very unlikely that Half-Drow will be given these names by their Elven parent, thou some may adopt these as signs of honour to their heritage.

Male names: Adelram

Female names: Hyanda