Common is the primary language of trade and diplomacy in Astrohanasia. Almost every sentient being is able to speak at least a few words, most civilised beings are expected to be fluent in it. While the majority of people can't read or write the language, generally, the people of Astrohanasia can use this Common to communicate and pass on information to each other.

Description Edit

Common is an language, similar to English or France in our world, which almost everyone knows at least a few sentences in, in order to communicate with foreigners.


Nearly everyone on the primordial plane of Astrohanasia speaks Common as at the very least a second language, including non-humanoids.

Limitations and AdvantagesEdit

The obvious advantage to Common is that practically every intellectual being can speak or at the very least understand it. Even in the most remote areas of Astrohanasia, like the Genshis Desert, the inhabitants can communicate in Common on the level that they can make themselves understandable with a little word magic (not real magic).

However, it also had its disadvantages: not every concept could be easily related to others. Nuances of speech, names, and phrases could be expressed easier in native languages such as Elvish and Dwarvish.